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Royal Empire Records Services

Artist Development Packages

Jumpstart Your Career: We design packages to enhance your artist image. Website, album covers, event flyers, increase your Twitter/Youtube follower/views, artist feature/profile on our site, etc. We go above and beyond giving you the look it takes to even be considered as an artist that should be taken serious in the industry. Every artist needs an image that makes them worth taking a look at so don't hesitate on contact us to see which package will fit you and your budget. If you don't take your image serious, the industry won't! Don't put a price on your image or you'll be that artist that wonders why your career can't get off the ground. CONTACT US TODAY

Website & Graphic Design

Web & Graphics: Did you know when industry A&R's see you have a powerful site that not only represents you but has all the information they need about you without jumping from page to page they are more likely to take you serious? If you didn't know, now you know! Get a website that has your bio, album history, links to social media, affiliates, hot tracks! If all you need is a website and not the full Artist Development Package (ADP) then CONTACT US TODAY

Social Media Boost (IMH)

Increase My Hits (IMH): Need numbers on your social media sites so the industry can see you're reaching the streets? Let us get those numbers where they need to be. Labels want to see that you are making an impact without their push so they know money will pour in without much promotions from their end. Let us get those numbers up for you. We focus on you Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.. So don't waste another minute CONTACT US TODAY.


Your Image Matters!: Need we say more! YOUR IMAGE IS EVERYTHING when entering into the entertainment industry. Whether you are an artist, model, actor... YOU NEED a crisp image of you floating around the world wide web! We take care of the photo shoot that is needed to get that mug of yours in places that matter. You will be amazed how much attention you get with photos that are of industry quality/standards. CONTACT US TODAY

Studio Time!!

Quality Studio Recording: If you're an artist, get the quality sound that you deserve! We provide a wide variety of studios you can record your project in. Whether you need a mix-tape production and don't want to spend a lot of cash or putting NO price on your album release project, we have a studio for you. Our affiliates give us the best prices on the planet when it comes to getting a artist the quality sound they need. CONTACT US TODAY

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